To be successful in business, a person has to be tenacious and take opportunities when they come. For the Professional Women’s Golf Association, the lessons from business often translate to the golf course.

For the more than a dozen members of the Birmingham group, the trip to the Regions Tradition on Saturday brought together the fun and camaraderie of golf with the professional and competitive spirit that makes the group so special.

Founded in 2001, by Gloria Dennard and Carnetta Davis, the group invites professional women to enjoy the game as amateurs, and to get to know other career professionals who appreciate the game.

The group met at the Regions Tradition and had the opportunity to talk with another tenacious golfer – Champions Tour pro Scott Parel, who joined the group immediately after completing his third round in the 2018 Regions Tradition.

Parel, who didn’t join the PGA TOUR until the age of 31, struggled for several years trying to earn and keep a spot on the tour. He won his first tournament at 48.

“I couldn’t wait to turn 50,” he said to the laughs of the Women’s team. The minimum age for the Champions Tour is age 50. His efforts have paid off. He’s currently in the Top 15 of money winners on the Champions Tour this year.

And while the member of this group know how to have fun and enjoy their time together, when they get on the links, it’s all business.

Said Dennard, “It’s all about pace of play. People need to be ready to play; two balls in your pocket,” she laughed.

But really, she wasn’t laughing. Because golf is serious business.

Scott Parel talks life on the Champions Tour with his guests for the afternoon.